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A fundamental Principal of sound healing is that physical, emotional, and mental symptoms are being generated by an underlying energy field. Thus, if we change the energy field, then the physical, emotional, and mental behavior patterns will also change.

Dr John Beaulieu, ND, PHD. 

Your brain communicates with your internal organs muscles and cells through your nervous system. Specific functions of your body have their own specific frequency, when injury or illness occurs in the body, your brain sends a signal through your central nervous system to tell the cells what to do to heal the illness or injury. When that signal is blocked or reduced because of muscle tension, other injuries, decreased immune function, or other imbalances in your body, healing can be slowed or halted entirely. 

Tuning forks can be used to mimic the necessary frequency allowing the cells to do what needs to be done to heal your body.   

Weighted tuning forks can also be applied to specific acupressure points throughout your body to stimulate healing of specific illnesses or to promote overall balance and wellbeing. 

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