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Life is expensive enough so Just for the holidays I'm offering gift certificates at special prices so you can give the gift of wellness without breaking the bank.

You can get service specific gift certificates or get a gift cards for a specific amount. Gift certificates come in a holiday card. 


Holiday gift certificate special sale

Thai Yoga Massage 60 minute

Regular $60
Holiday gift special $48

"like having yoga done to you" Done fully clothed on a large floor mat, Thai massage incorporates massage, passive stretching, joint mobilization and acupressure. 

Thai Hot Herbal Stem Massage

Regular $90
Holiday gift special $80

Massage using "Thai stems" a compress filled with fragrant herbs custom made just for you is steamed and pressed all over the body, to relax and rejuvenate tired achy muscles.

Thai Foot Reflexology

Regular $60
Holiday gift special $50

A Relaxing Foot massage with special focus on reflex points to restore balance to the mind and body.

Tibetan Shirodhara

Regular $150
Holiday Gift Special $100

This 90 minute Ayurvedic treatment aims to restore and balance Vata dosha. incorporates neck massage, marma therapy, foot massage, abdominal massage hand massage, and culminates with shirodhara. 

Thai Hot stem Facial

Regular $75 
Holiday gift special $60 

This facial incorporates massage for the face neck and head, acupressure point stimulation, and massage with thai herbal hot stems custom made for you.

Cupping Massage 

Regular $60
Holiday gift special $50

A full body massage that relaxes, improves circulation, breaks up adhesions and stagnant energy by gliding silicone cups along muscles of the body.

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