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Hello and welcome. My name is Kyle and I'm the owner of Ananda Holistic. Natural medicine and holistic living has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. My father had a masters in herbology and was part of the holistic wellness scene, He taught me about plant medicine, crystals, and reiki. When I was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder as a child I was put on medication but the medication had side affects, I started to experience frequent anxiety, blood pressure fluctuations, headaches and dizziness my dad started taking me to someone who practiced sound healing with tuning forks, those regular "tune-ups" helped me immensely, and the amount of medication I had to take was able to be reduced. Eventually as I got older I lost interest in those things but the healing I experienced and the knowledge he shared with me never left. Years later when my journey brought me back to holistic wellness through yoga, I decided it was time to learn more about the healing modalities I had experienced as a child. In 2006 I became a yoga and meditation teacher, in 2013 I became a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner and in the same year after having experienced such profound relief from the tuning fork therapy sessions I attended as a child I also became a tuning fork therapy practitioner/teacher, in 2014 I received Reiki Master Teacher certification, and later that year Thai Foot reflexology certification. I've attended many weekend courses, workshops, and teacher trainings, like cupping massage, Tibetan Shirodhara, Thai hot herbal stem facial. Therapeutic Restorative Thai Yoga bliss. During the pandemic I received certification as a Ayurvedic lifestyle Consultant, and level one Auricular Medicine practitioner.  I'm currently studying Massage & Hydrotherapy at the Canadian College Of Health Science and Technology and plan to be a Registered Massage Therapist by the beginning of 2025. I not only work one on one providing private treatments but I'm also available to lead group yoga, meditation, and sacred sounds workshops and sessions. Please don't hesitate to reach out. 


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